Top 50 Etsy Moms of 2011

We work on a lot of "best of" features here at Babble, but we can truly say that our annual Top 50 Etsy Moms piece is one of the most inspirational, pleasurable writing experiences of the year. The chance to meet these incredible women - some of them life-long artists, others former 9-to-5 corporate workers, all of them devoted mothers - and hear their stories makes us realize how much we're all capable of. It's also a reminder of just how important the handmade community is, most specifically Etsy has given these women a chance they may otherwise never have had to explore, develop, and share their art and craftsmanship through a larger-than-life network. It's also given them the opportunity to work from home, to set their own schedules and raise their kids the way they want - and that's incredible.

That being said, this piece is also one of the hardest features to write. Etsy is by no means solely for moms - there are incredibly talented dads and singletons and students as well - yet the flexible, creative community is the perfect environment for mothers. That's why we consider this just a small sampling of the most successful, talented, inspiring moms on Etsy, and it's why we update this list year after year. (Although we try and highlight different shops each year, we do have two repeats from our 2010 Etsy Moms list. When you read their write-ups, you'll understand why.) So if you know an incredible Etsy Mom that you'd love to see featured next year, nominate her here. And in the meantime, support the handmade revolution!
- Michelle Horton

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zuzii | Nickie Campbell

Top 50 Etsy Moms of 2011 - zuzii



Nickie Campbell’s Rankings

Top 50 Etsy Moms - Zuzii

Who: Nickie Campbell, an Oklahoma mother of three: a 28-year-old graphics designer, a 25-year-old industrial designer who is Nickie’s partner at Zuzii, and a 19-year-old design student. (Obviously the creative gene is strong.)

Why We Love Her: The mother-daughter duo’s baby shoes are a favorite among style blogs and shopping sites. (Babble named them one of our Best Baby Shower Gifts!) But it was the birth of Nickie’s first child (when she was in her early 20s) that inspired her first design: the Ansa baby bottle, which is a part of MoMA’s permanent collection. Since then she raised a family of designers before going into business with her youngest, creating innovative, custom-made baby products with natural, comfortable, flexible materials.

Shop Here For: The cutest baby footwear and accessories you’ve ever seen.

Signature Item: Ooii soft sandals, $17.50

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