Top 50 Mompreneurs, 2011

They cook, they clean and, between naptimes, they run kickass companies. For those who run their own mom-centric firms, the responsibilities of motherhood are only half the battle. Babble is running our first ever salute to the top 50 mompreneurs who pull all-nighters, suffer enormous financial set-backs, and balance business and baby every day to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true. Here's how they did it.
- Christina Couch

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Carissa Brown | Carissa Rose

Top 50 Mompreneurs of 2011: Carissa Brown Carissa Rose



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bright idea
Carissa Rose, a clothing line designed for moms with large busts.

Company: Carissa Rose

Location: Dallas, Texas

Children: Two sons, 9 and 10, two daughters, 3 and 6 ⢠Age: 38

Inspiration: In 2007, when Brown was 8 months pregnant, her mom passed away from an aneurism while taking a nap. Brown wanted to start a company to honor her mother and pursue her dream of being an entrepreneur.

Perspiration: Since Brown and her mom were both full-figured women who had trouble finding clothes that fit, Brown decided to start an apparel line in 2008 that catered to women like them. The only obstacle was finding the time between homeschooling four children. Brown started Carissa Rose during her children’s recess time and after they went to bed, but as the business steadily grew, she hit a wall. “Doing this forced me to rethink how I wanted to run my family,” Brown admits. “I had to stop homeschooling my children, which was hard. I had to learn about everything from finding a manufacturer to doing digital marketing campaigns.” Brown used her children’s time in school to read all she could on running a business. Plus, the kids are an active part of the company. “They stuff envelopes, hang tags, box things for shipping and I pay them for it,” she says. “When I see everyone contributing to that, it makes me feel good.”

Success: Two years after her launch, Carissa Rose’s product line has expanded to 12 pieces and should be in the black by 2011.

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  1. Margaret Wheeler Johnson says:

    These women are amazing. Period.

  2. Sarah Bryden-Brown says:

    In need of inspiration — check out how these ladies mix it all up.

  3. Andrea Van Ness says:

    What an even bigger inspiration to be a part of these great Mompreneurs!

  4. meb077 says:

    The Carissa Rose clothing line is awesome, machine washable at that.

  5. Jada says:

    Why Mompreneurs? There’s no such thing as a dadpreneur? Why the special designation for women?

  6. Samrx says:

    I have been reading a lot off late to grasp more knowledge on this topic, but after reading your article I realized there is a lot more than I read and you are the only one who could make this happen. You are the only one from whom I could get the entire information on the topic. Thanks!!! You are fantastic

  7. Nicki says:

    these moms make me jealous! i wish i had the energy and motivation to start a company while raising my kids! Kudos to all of them!!

  8. Kelsey Kleiman says:

    I look forward to reading about all of these women!

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    Amazing women!

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