Top 50 Mompreneurs, 2011

They cook, they clean and, between naptimes, they run kickass companies. For those who run their own mom-centric firms, the responsibilities of motherhood are only half the battle. Babble is running our first ever salute to the top 50 mompreneurs who pull all-nighters, suffer enormous financial set-backs, and balance business and baby every day to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true. Here's how they did it.
- Christina Couch

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Nora Schultz | Naturally Nora

Top 50 Mompreneurs of 2011: Nora Schultz Naturally Nora



Nora’s Rankings


bright idea
Naturally Nora, an all-natural line of cake, frosting and brownie mixes.

Company: Naturally Nora

Location: Princeton, New Jersey

Children: Two daughters, 9 and 12 ⢠Age: 40

Inspiration: “Four years ago, when my youngest was in kindergarten, I realized every school function had things filled with Funfetti,” Schultz says. “I read the label and realized that this is really bad. I wanted an alternative and couldn’t find one.”

Perspiration: Schultz started cooking. “Nights, weekends, any time I could,” she says. “Friends would do taste tests, my kids would help … It was such a relief when I moved out of my job and started doing this full-time but as an entrepreneur, you never put it down. You never really stop.” Schultz eventually found the right recipes and launched Naturally Nora in spring of 2008.

Success: Nora’s products are currently available in retailers in 30 states including Whole Foods, Fresh Market and Meijer.

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  1. Margaret Wheeler Johnson says:

    These women are amazing. Period.

  2. Sarah Bryden-Brown says:

    In need of inspiration — check out how these ladies mix it all up.

  3. Andrea Van Ness says:

    What an even bigger inspiration to be a part of these great Mompreneurs!

  4. meb077 says:

    The Carissa Rose clothing line is awesome, machine washable at that.

  5. Jada says:

    Why Mompreneurs? There’s no such thing as a dadpreneur? Why the special designation for women?

  6. Samrx says:

    I have been reading a lot off late to grasp more knowledge on this topic, but after reading your article I realized there is a lot more than I read and you are the only one who could make this happen. You are the only one from whom I could get the entire information on the topic. Thanks!!! You are fantastic

  7. Nicki says:

    these moms make me jealous! i wish i had the energy and motivation to start a company while raising my kids! Kudos to all of them!!

  8. Kelsey Kleiman says:

    I look forward to reading about all of these women!

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  10. Shannah Coningburk says:

    Amazing women!

  11. Nungning says:

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