Top 25 iPhone Photo Apps for Parents

Many of us have the urge to document every single moment, every cute face, and every big first in our child's life. Since, thanks to our iPhones, we now have a camera with us at all times, we're actually able to do it. The Apple iPhone 4 includes a 5-megapixel camera with a built-in LED flash, which makes the quality of the images as good, if not better, than most point-and-shoot cameras on the market. And on top of that, the iPhone also offers more than 4,000 apps devoted to the art (and fun) of photography; these apps make it possible to do everything from adding captions to your favorite images to shooting vintage-looking pics. The apps chosen for our top 25 list offer tools to help you create, edit, and share beautiful memories of your little loves to help you capture the moments you'll want to preserve forever. Did we miss a favorite app of yours? Nominate it here! - Thalia A-M Bruehl

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Top 25 iPhone Photo Apps: Instagram



Instagram’s Rankings

This free app has gained massive popularity and has become one of the best ways to share vintage-looking, hipster pics. After taking a picture with your iPhone, you select a filter to achieve your desired retro-feel, then upload the photo to Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr. Instagram features a feed similar to Facebook or Twitter, where all your “friends’” photos show up, and where yours will show up for all the people “following” you. Import your contact list from Facebook, Twitter, and your phone to see who is already using Instagram. You can also follow what sports teams, artists, and even restaurants post on their accounts. Many of the other apps listed here allow the photos you create on them to be shared directly though Instagram.

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