Top Twitter Moms of 2011

After spending part of 2007 watching everyone "do" this new "tweeting thingy," I logged on as @ToThink in early 2008. And I became a pure Twitter lover, valuing relationships, engagement, sharing, and - yes - information and brand involvement. In my attempt to view it all from the standpoint of value, influence, and epic-ness...well, something happened I didn't quite expect: I became more and more proud of not only how moms are using Twitter, but how we're building businesses (even careers!) with it and have become basically unstoppable. I wanted to high-five (even if that's dorky) every last one of us.

This year we've given 2010's Top 50 Twitter Moms somewhat of an "emeritus" status. You won't find any of them on this list. Why? Not because they've lost influence or aren't just as amazing - they still are. We just decided to spread the love this year and share even more influential moms, who you may or may not already know.

Of course, many didn't make this list simply because there are so many mothers on Twitter doing their thing and being awesome. So if we missed her, be sure to nominate your favorite Twitter mom here! The Top 50 are ranked by amount of followers, so consider them the entirety of The Awesome, and check out the individual categories for a more specific ranking. Congrats to everyone! - Arianne Segerman

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@bleubirdvintage | Miss James

Top Twitter Moms of 2011 - @bleubirdvintage



Miss James’s Rankings

The Who, What, Why? Miss James is on this list not only because of her huge, engaged Twitter following and massive social media network, but because she inspires stylish moms everywhere. She keeps things real and modest while still managing to seem perfect (but not the kind of perfect that will drive you nuts). Her Twitter stream is personal and fun, and she shares tons of information on kicking your personal style up a notch : or ten. You can get even more style tips from her fashion-savvy design blog, which also won her a spot on Babble’s Top 50 Design Blogs for Moms!

Best Tweet: then there was the time that mama forgot that there was leftover bday cake in the oven & the whole house filled up with smoke.

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2 thoughts on “Top Twitter Moms of 2011

  1. Dara Pettinelli says:

    love to see the new faces here!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is a great list of fabulous moms and blogs! Much appreciated!

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