Babble's Top 100 Mom Blogs of 2011

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Rachel Matthews of A Southern Fairytale


Her Rankings

Before you tell us you don’t believe in fairytales, you might want to sneak over and visit Rachel at A Southern Fairytale. But we’d recommend you go on a full stomach, because, you know, reading about jalapeno-stuffed, bacon-wrapped brats and pumpkin cake with vanilla bean cream cheese frosting can make a gal a bit hungry. Not that Rachel’s readers mind. They love reading about the various and sundry dishes that Rachel details. And you will, too. After all, there’s a reason she was once Southern Living‘s Mama Blogger of the Week.

But it’s not all food all the time, for Rachel also provides her readers with plenty of posts about life with hubby Nathan and their children, seven-year-old daughter, Princess, and four-year-old son, Monkey. Regardless of whether it’s food or family, her readers will be treated to top-notch photography.

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  1. jasmine says:

    hmmmn! I can relate!
    I love your blog!

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