Babble's Top 100 Mom Blogs of 2011

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Catherine Connors of Her Bad Mother


We’re not even going to pretend to be unbiased about Her Bad Mother, a.k.a. Catherine Connors, a.k.a. Babble’s Director of Community and Social Good and Babble Voices blogger. But what we can say is that long before she became part of Babble, we were enormous fans (see: Top 50 Mom Blogs 2010 and Top 50 Mom Blogs 2009).

There’s a lot to love here, starting with the honest, hilarious tone, posts that manage to be self-reflective without being myopic, and photographs that detail the smallest victories with brilliant, effusive color. Yes, the “bad mother” trajectory is one that Megan Jordan rightly points out has become an easy go-to by now, but it was Catherine who first tread this ground before it was easy, and before anyone knew just how relevant the journey would become.

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4 thoughts on “Top 100 Mom Blogs – all the Best Mom Blogs, including Her Bad Mother

  1. verbatim says:

    It would have been helpful to present this in a more readable manner. I don’t have time to go through a 100-name-long slideshow. Short list with links next time, please!

  2. this is nuts says:

    She’s on YOUR STAFF!

  3. Eric says:

    Oh bad mother? I don’t think so. She might just have a deep problem.

    Nice blog! hope that you can also check it out my blog too.

    I have here articles about Mother. Hope that you can check it out!
    My book is already release, and I’m just wondering if you guys interested to purchase the book? :)
    you can check it out!


  4. yea it happens, some times mothers are bad but there is always some psychological reason behind. worth reading, thanks for sharing :)

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