Work Part Time If You Want Healthy Kids


weighThe war between the stay-at-homes and the works-full-times just got thrown a loop. A new study claims neither of you is making healthy kids. It’s moms who work part-time who keep the pediatrician away.

The study out of the University of New England in Australia tracked some four thousand five hundred families and found moms who work just part-time were more likely to have kids who were a healthy weight and consumed less junk food.

Considering recent studies that claim daycares are just TV centers and granny daycare makes them fat and the back and forth over whether working moms are raising overweight kids because they’re not home to track their eating habits or stay-at-homes are letting their kids run wild with junk food, someone had to find a happy medium for us, right?

Of course, like most of these reports, they put the blame on mom instead of the situation.

The researchers told the Courier Mail that the moms who work part-time are “more conscientious” on their days off. Overall, they said the kids watched an hour less of TV in a week than their counterparts, ate fewer snack foods and spent more time exercising.

All because mom’s “more conscientious,” huh? Not because she has more time on her hands than the full-time working mother or because she’s not worn out being home all day every day doing the duties of a full-time stay-at-home mom? Not because she doesn’t have the funds for higher quality (less fatty) foods or because she doesn’t have the time to lead them all in group calisthenics? Did we really have to put this in terms of mom’s devotion to her kids?

Image: I don’t know maybe, flickr

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