Working Mom Banned From Pumping Breastmilk at Work; Boss Deems Act ‘Disgusting

Working Mom Banned From Pumping Breastmilk at Work; Boss Deems Act ‘Disgusting'
Kristen Joseph was told she not allowed to pump milk at work for her six-month-old son.

In yet another case of anti-breastfeeding bias, a California restaurant manager allegedly banned his employee from pumping milk at work for her six-month-old son.

Kristen Joseph, a single mother and waitress at Hennessey’s Tavern in Seal Beach, California, says she had been pumping breast milk at work since her son, Wrigley was born six months ago.

According to Joseph, it had never before been a problem. She would use her manager’s office to express milk during her daily ten-minute break and it was a regular routine. However, last week, her manager refused to give her his keys, citing pumping breast milk ‘disgusting’.

Joseph says she was shocked:

“He said it was disgusting. He said he didn’t want me to spray all over his office. I was just appalled at what he had to say. I went outside and I was freaking out and crying.”

Joseph finished her shift without pumping but says she was in pain from not be able to express the milk. She also says she was leaking through her uniform.

By law, companies that have more than 50 employees must provide a separate place for working moms to pump breastmilk, and Hennessey’s Tavern currently has 10 different locations.

Are you still surprised when you hear that mothers are penalized at work for breastfeeding?

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