World's Cutest Vegetarian Boy


cutestkid09-win-mainPETA has named the winners in their Third Annual Cute Vegetarian Kids contest.

Grace Jenks of Park City, Utah was awarded their prize for Cutest Vegetarian Girl. Grace, a homeschooled 9-year-old, went vegan this year. The World’s Cutest Vegetarian Boy title was awarded to Perry Martijena, a 9-year-old from Jersey City, New Jersey. Grace, when she’s not being homeschooled, likes biking, skiing, skateboarding, gymnastics, dancing, and hiking. This is a little girl on the go. She also likes playing with her cat, Twig, who was adopted from a local animal shelter. Her favorite food: vegan pizza.

Perry wants to teach others how easy being vegetarian is. He also loves acting, tennis, soccer, baseball and hanging out with his two dogs. His first choice for vegetarian treats: Tofu Pups.

These two cuties were chosen from amongst hundreds of photos and bios submitted by proud parents and grandparents of vegetarian kids.

Both kids will be featured in PETA’s quarterly magazine, and are being highlighted on PETAKids! Each will receive an iPig docking station, an “I Am Not a Nugget” T-shirt, and PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk’s book 50 Awesome Ways Kids Can Help Animals.

Photo: PETAKids!