World's Largest Video Game Unveiled on Philadelphia Skyscraper

worlds largest video game played on skyscraper
Pong on a skyscaper? YES!

To kick off Philly Tech week, computer science professor Frank Lee launched the world’s largest video game on a skyscraper! Lee is co-founder of Drexel University’s video game design program.

For the last five years, Lee has been planning a gigantic version of the 1972 Atari game, Pong. His inspiration came as he envisioned the sparkly lights at the Cira Centre in downtown Philadelphia becoming Tetris shapes. This past weekend he saw his vision come to life.

The Pong video game appeared on the side of the 29-story Cira Centre. Players lined up for their chance to play. Why Pong?

Pong is part of our culture,” he said. “Pong lives in every game that came since then. If you get down the tree of the life of the video game, it will lead at the root to PongPong was the first successful commercial game.”


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