World's Strongest Toddler Stars in Documentary


liamIf you think your toddler needs more food and physical activity than you can stand, wait till you meet Liam Hoekstra, a three-year-old with superhuman strength.

Pictured here holding five-pound weights, the toddler is one of only two people in the world with a genetic condition known as myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy, which basically means, this little dude is ripped.

Numerous media companies have been vying to tell Liam’s story, but his parents have wisely been picky. They finally decided on the British company Nine Lives Media, which they picked for its straightforward scientific take. According to Liam’s mom, “The reason we chose this company is we didn’t want anything flamboyant or over the top, trying to make him look super.”

The documentary, which will air on TLC on Wednesday, explains the hope that Liam’s rare condition may help doctors find a cure for muscular dystrophy.