Worlds Youngest Rock Band: 11-year-olds of Haunted by Heroes (Video)

Haunted by Heroes Worlds Youngest Rock Band
World's Youngest Rock Band, Haunted by Heroes

These kids know how to rock.

Haunted by Heroes is the world’s youngest rock band — every member is just 11 years old!

These San Francisco cuties (well, I doubt they want to be called “cute”) first became friends at daycare and later, at the suggestion of one of their sisters, started the band.

The Haunted by Heroes kids just started sixth grade, and while they’re serious about their music, they’re equally serious about good grades.

Plus, their parents are keeping them grounded and in bed on time — well, except when they play a gig at places like Candlestick Park in San Francisco and Whisky-A-Go-Go on West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip.

Congratulations to Nick, Chris, Geddy, Brandon and Charlie on their success and their continued climb to become “legends” like those that played before them.

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