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Worms Found in Capri Sun Juice Packs, Multiple Times

By Danielle Sullivan |

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That's no way to "respect the pouch"!

Hey moms, do you send Capri Sun juice packs in your kids’ lunches? Well, you might be serving them up a nice healthy dose of worms alongside that sandwich!

A 9-year-old in North Carolina was drinking a Capri Sun when he sucked something up in the straw and started to choke on a slimy substance. He spit it out and discovered it was worm. His horrified mother alerted the company who asked that she send the contaminated pouches and worm back to them so they could hide the evidence do their own tests, but the mother had already sent it to a lab to get her own results.

OK, so as gross as this initially sounds, an isolated incident is one thing, and who really knows the integrity of any one random person. Sure, people will go to great lengths to gain financial rewards. I wanted to find different viewpoints of this one story before I wrote this piece so I began to Google ‘capri sun w” and guess what? The rest of the word “worms” auto-filled in the search box which tells you that one search term is quite a popular one. Then I quickly discovered there are several instances of worms being found in Capri Sun packs. There are even YouTube videos of people finding worms in their Capri Suns. Here is another.

The most recent story is a boy from North Carolina but there was also a similar report in Texas. CNN reports of yet another in which a 21-year-old nursing student, Sara Ramirez also found a worm in a pouch and posted her correspondence between her and the company. Here is some of what Kim McMiller Associate Director of Consumer Relations for Kraft wrote back to Sara:

I want to assure you that our quality control program is designed to maintain a high level of sanitation, which includes thorough cleaning and special treatment of both the production and storage areas to deter the presence of insect, bugs and pests. We test all of our ingredients and inspect all packaging supplies before we use them. In addition, we keep samples of our products and examine them continuously until they have reached their expiration date. Despite these steps, we do lose a certain amount of control over our products once they’re shipped. If our products are stored close to other food products which are already infested or beyond their shelf lives, it’s possible for insects to travel from one product to another by penetrating packaging materials.

Each of the people involved say the packages were completely sealed, no leaks were present and the boxes were new, not expired. Of course, something could go wrong at a dirty supermarket or factory once the juice packs leave the processing plant but how on earth would the insects get inside once the juice packs are already sealed up? Also, this seems to be commonly known among a lot of people. I mean even Google recognizes the connection between the words “Capri Sun” and “worm”. For now, Capri Sun is maintaining that the substance was mold, not a worm (despite the photos and videos from irate customers, some of which have been sent to labs.)

It’s too coincidental (not to mention gross) on any level for me to even consider buying them again. Just last week, I was perusing my local supermarket ads and asked my son if he still liked Capri Sun because they were going on sale soon. He said no because the flavor, he said, changed and he didn’t like them anymore.


Think I may have just realized the reason behind the change in flavor.

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18 thoughts on “Worms Found in Capri Sun Juice Packs, Multiple Times

  1. goddess says:

    Nasty! Glad we gave those up when we have up HFCS!

  2. Diera says:

    Yeah… but there are also many videos of worms spontaneously crawling out of seemingly clean pork on YouTube.

  3. michelle says:

    Capri Sun is horrifying enough as it is. At least a worm adds some protein. Sugar water is not appropriate for children. Milk or water.

  4. Kristen says:

    My girls say they don’t really like them anymore either. Can’t say I blame them now. I’ve never had a taste for worms either. Yuck!

  5. Malika Bourne says:

    Yuck! with the internet, we ALL know who has found what in thier what-cha-ma-thingy. My daughter has a bunch in the frig for the kids.
    In 1957 we were snowed in about 6 miles out in the frmr country. Mom had thought it might snow so she stocked up. That included stocking up on milk in the old fashioned milk bottle with a peel off foil. We had a dead mouse in one of the bottles. Yuck! Gross! Ew-w! we had no choise but to keep thinking milk after the thaw.
    Anedotes help me to say, IT HAPPENS! Capri Sun is not the first and won’t be the last to have something gross happen. Even if we “put up” all of our own food now a days, we would statistically have something foreign in our canning jars too.
    Malika / No Non-cents Nanna

  6. Shane says:

    That’s Capri sun Juice its not good for your kids body It has worms ! After that in christmas i like to buy Capri sun Juice but i think that is wine only i buy because the Capri sun Juice is like a taste of wine so i buy the wine .. when i go to the counter i always thingking capri sun junice will i buy or wine will i buy… so Protect your kids Against Worms ! i will not drink capri sun juice again..

  7. Sanriobaby =^.^= says:

    Ewww ewww ewww!!!!!

  8. Hunter says:

    Nanna is right. I did a science experiment when I was younger. I took an egg and broke it into a petty dish, which I then sealed and placed on my windowsill. after a couple of weeks maggots had started crawling around in there…how did the flies get in a sealed dish and lay eggs!?!?

  9. KS says:

    To answer your question Hunter, the fly laid its eggs before the container was sealed or the container wasn’t really sealed. You could answer your own question by doing a simple Google search.

  10. Jess says:

    Ugh, I used to buy the flavored water from Capri Sun for the boys…glad I thought they were too expensive and stopped!

  11. Teresa says:

    I questioned the FDA on this report of the worms, sent them the articles I have from online and they got back to me saying they know absolutely nothing about this.
    Why didn’t these people supposedly finding these worms notify them? I would have, after I complained to the company.
    Not convinced this is true.

  12. Jamie says:

    really come on crap happens.. and the capri sun are made in many different factories so if you do have something happen send it and the package to the company so they can find out where it came from. I can’t see how a worm could survive being put through the hot crap. My kids drink capri sun and will continue too. don’t any of you watch Dr. Oz if not don’t you may never drink any juice ever again.. What about you fruit you get from the store what you think is on that.. reality check you look into this stuff you will be shocked

  13. Joanna says:


  14. CAROL says:

    I found a bug in a can of chef boy r dee ravioli – I immediately took a pic and called the company – the first thing they did was offer me coupons – ?! They also had me email the pics – never a response….. I operate a daycare and this product is the only one approved to serve at a daycare….. needless to say, I try to avoid ANYTHING from conagra….

  15. Patty says:

    My daughter was drinking a Capri Sun about a year ago, 2/2011, and said she had something like a string in her mouth and spit it out in the garbage. I didn’t think too much of it until now. WTF????

  16. Alexis says:

    We buy the 100% juice Capri Suns allllll the time. Those straws are so friggin’ skinny, I don’t see how anything could go up except liquid. Not to mention, my sons suck every last drop out of them (because I’m mean and don’t give them juice very often) and they’re completely flat. You’d be able to see the silhouette of a worm. I don’t believe this at all.

  17. JoLene says:

    We found rubber bands in multiple SEALED containers of spaghetti sauce mix. We called the company and reported our find. The company did not believe us and told us that it would be impossible for rubber bands to be in their spaghetti sauce mix. They did not apologize or try to correct the problem. So things do fall into food at the factory. I think we will plant a garden this year and grow our own food!

  18. Holly says:

    I think I will no longer be buying this product. Yuck!

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