Would You Buy a Bag of Baby Parts?


baby-partsThere are somethings you find on the Internet that even as you click you wonder if you should slap your mouse hand with the other and say “bad monkey.”

This was one of those instances. But the headline said “bag of baby parts.” What would you do?

Yup, I thought so. Welcome to my world. Bad monkey.

The good news? This was really much ado about nothing. . . sort of. The “bag of baby parts,” turned out to be a bag of baby DOLL parts. Phew. Checking “call FBI” off your list too? That was right after “check lock on front door and peek my head in on my daughter’s room to see if the windows can be replaced with steel bars.”

But here’s where it gets weird (weirder than steel bars anyway). You could buy twenty five faces. Thirteen PAIRS of hands. And one foot.

Yes, one foot. For all those babies. And what a foot it is – a set of freakishly large (by this picture anyway) hideously orange toes on a chubby little foot/ankle combination.


One wonders how the seller ended up with this bag of parts that could never in a million years make a whole – at least no more than one one-footed baby, thirteen babies with hands and twelve random faces.

So, would you buy a bag of baby parts? Better yet, would you click on a link that said “bag of baby parts” or just scream and go running for the kids?

Images: The Fancy Tails Shop