Would You Buy Your Child a Coloring Book About Terrorism?


TerroristTsarnevparodyOur family loves coloring books. We have coloring books featuring Scooby Doo and My Little Pony, and we adore the stylish vibe of the Rosie Flo series. But I prefer to provide my young child with age-appropriate (read: cute, sweet, or fun) subject matter. I would not, I repeat, I would not give her a coloring book entitled Learn About Terrorism – Boston Bomber that features a take-off of the Rolling Stone cover of Boston terrorist Dzhokar Tsarnev.

“Tell the Truth – Tell it Often – Tell the Children,” is a line of coloring books for kids from the St. Louis based  CBC | Coloring Book Comics that features, “real life true-to-culture hero and villain comics” for children to color. CBC states that “inside parents will find a factual, accurate update on the Benghazi terror attack, parodies of Osama bin Laden, the Boston Bomber cover page and a mini pictorial history of how Americans built the greatest nation in history.”

This coloring book is a follow up to their previously published, We Shall Never Forget 9/11 The Kids Book of Freedom or their Vol. II The True Faces of Evil TerrorIn defense of their product, CBC wrote that,Americans are more than fed up with politically motivated correctness to the point of frustration that quickly turns into disgust, distrust and then anger. ‘Do not mislead my children; kids are smarter than you think’. We hear that often, especially from grandparents. People have told our company in essence: Tell the Truth, Tell it Often and Tell the Children.”

But do we need to introduce our children to acts of terrorism in the form of a fun activity such as coloring? Those who choose not to — myself included — are not intending to “mislead” our children, but rather to let them enjoy their childhood as much as they can. They’ll find out about the evils of the world soon enough; let them enjoy a sense of being carefree as long as they are able.

Would you ever buy your child a coloring book like this?

Photo Source: CBC |Coloring Book Comics

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