Would You Camp Out for 3 Nights to Secure a Kindergarten Spot? These Parents Did.

Kindergarten Camping

Living in California, I know how crazy competitive and difficult it is to secure a spot in a decent elementary school.  Parents will do almost anything to get their kid into the right school. They will lie, they will cheat – and in this far less devious, yet still desperate, case – they will camp out for three nights to get a spot for their kindergartener.

Lincoln Crossing Elementary School, a public school northeast of Sacramento, has a total of 105 seats available for incoming kindergarteners, with half of those seats are reserved for kids whose older brothers and sisters already go to the school. Enrollment for the remaining spots is “first come, first served,” so parents took it upon themselves to camp out for days to get one of the seats in the class. “It is frustrating when I am paying tax dollars, especially living in this community, to not be able to have my kid immediately go to this school,” a father told told local station CBS13. With budget cuts and school closings, it is harder and harder for parents to secure a spot in a school for their children that is both convenient and well-regarded.

But this isn’t just a California problem — the Huffington Post mentioned an instance of parents camping out for elementary school spots in Washington as well.

Would you camp out to try to get a spot in a good school for your kid?

Image: ABC10