Would You Choose Game 7 Of The World Series Over A Planned Event With Your Kids? (VIDEO)


Did you see Game 6 of the World Series?  Even if you aren’t a huge baseball fan, the action had you on the edge of your seat….and OH MY HEAVENS….if you ARE a baseball fan?  Specifially a St. Louis Cardinals fan, you were in danger of cardiac arrest, no less than 27 times.

Now imagine that you are (arguably) the biggest St. Louis Cardinal fan ever. You were made to memorize and recite the inscription on Stan Musial’s staute before you were allowed to enter Busch Stadium when you were only four years old. You have done nothing but obsess about the Cardinals for the last 36 years.  And this Playoff Season is one for the record books.  Our fireplace mantle has been decorated since before the Cardinals made the Wild Card and began their improbable road to the World Series. This is my husband’s life.

Tonight is Game 7 of the World Series.  And his team is playing.

And his dilemma?  Tonight is also a big event at my kid’s school. Even before this game was set, Jeff shared his thoughts in this Daddy Diary post.

Watch and share.

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