Would You Drug Test Your Kid?

Drug testing kids
Drug testing provides peace of mind - or proof of a problem.

The past few years have seen lots of home drug-testing kits come on the market in the U.S.  For parents who fear that their children might be getting involved in drugs, these do-it-yourself tests offer either peace of mind or proof of their suspicions.

In the U.K., home drug testing hasn’t caught on the way it has here.  But they are getting there.  British scientists have developed a disposable device that was originally intended to allow police to perform quick roadside sobriety tests.   As easy to use as a pregnancy test, the Vantix sensor needs just one drop of saliva and five minutes to return an accurate result.  It tests for cannabis and cocaine and costs just a few dollars.

And, according to Kevin Auton, of Universal Sensors, it could have “huge implications for society” when made available to parents in the U.K.

In America, parents are taking samples of their children’s saliva and hair and sending them off to labs to see if their children are taking drugs. If there is demand for it here, it would be an interesting market.

Are American parents really doing this?  I know plenty of parents of teens and don’t know any who have ever drug tested their kids.  And quite frankly, there are few that probably should.

My own child is too young for me be worried about drugs just yet, but I am worrying ahead of time.  I  know that there are few things she could do that would impact her life quite as badly as drugs would.  I started talking to her about substance abuse at a very young age and continue that conversation every chance I get.

While I feel pretty optimistic that this proactive and prolonged approach to drug education will help my child avoid destroying her life, I wouldn’t hesitate to test her if I had reason to be suspicious.  What about you?  Would you drug test your kid?

Image: micahb37/Flickr

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