Would You Get Married at McDonald's?

mcdonald's weddings
Would you like fries with that wedding ring?

“Super-size me” may be the new “I do.”  At McDonald’s restaurants in Hong Kong, combo number 5 now comes with a wedding ceremony.  Hong Kong “is the only city in the world where the American restaurant chain offers the service, prompted by frequent inquiries about fast-food weddings from customers in recent years,” TIME reports.  Three locations around the city “are equipped to stage marital festivities in the style of any 6-year-old’s model birthday.”

TIME’s Hillary Brenhouse asserts, “That the corporation should move to fill — or perhaps create — this niche is not so unusual…. Countless couples will have met, or at least dated, there.”  Oddly enough, I recently met a married couple who met at McDonald’s.  She came in with her mother and young daughter, he was working behind the counter.  Her mother asked him if he thought her daughter was cute.  He said no, but that he thought her daughter was adorable.  Later he sat with the three generations of women and after a bit of flirting on his part, she walked out with his number.

Brenhouse writes that “The traditional Chinese wedding banquet…. of 20 crimson-clothed tables begins at about $38,000, and the betrothed are unlikely to know personally a majority of the invitees.  In a moment of economic recovery, this kind of decadence has, for some, simply lost allure.”  Surely cash-strapped Americans can relate.  Plus, given that Americans are less and less religious, weddings can and do happen anywhere.  In fact, hosting an inventive ceremony is a source of pride for some brides and grooms.  It’s not at all unusual for an American wedding to take place in a restaurant or hotel banquet hall.  Can McDonald’s weddings be far behind?

According to TIME, “the basic Warm and Sweet Wedding Package for 50 guests goes for under $1,300.  For another $165, the bride can rent a gown of pearly white balloons.”  Brenhouse notes that there is of course no liquor allowed at a McWedding, but adds, “What a McDonald’s wedding event lacks in liquor, it more than makes up for in helium.”  (So you can say your vows in a “Munchkin” voice, hooray!)  The atmosphere of a McWedding sounds pretty festive, too: “A McDonald’s M.C. coordinates games while waitresses deal out cheeseburgers.  A cake is a pyramid of green apple-pie cartons.”  Eat your heart out, Cake Boss.  This wedding cake is served inside its own plate.

I can’t imagine that McDonald’s stores in the U.S. would begin to offer weddings as standard fare anytime soon, but I bet if you called up your local franchise and asked to get married there, they’d allow it.  I don’t know why anyone would want to get married in a McDonald’s, but then again, I didn’t imagine anyone could get smitten while ordering a Big Mac, either, and two very nice people proved to me last weekend that maybe the “special sauce” contains love potion no. 9.

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