Would You Let Your Baby Ride on the Back of a Donkey?

Bugaboo Donkey, luxury strollers
The Bugaboo Donkey: a $1500 grocery cart.

That’s what Bugaboo is hoping.  The high-end stroller brand is releasing their first new design in four years, but at $1499, the Donkey might be a little cost prohibitive for most families, even well-off urban ones.  The Bugaboo Donkey looks a lot like the brand’s other strollers with its smooth curves and clean lines, but it’s a lot wider than most; the Donkey is Bugaboo’s first attempt at a double-stroller.  You can bet that the stroller-haters will love this.

$1500 is certainly out of my price range, but in a piece for Slate, Helaine Olen notes that while Wal*Mart sales are down, sales of luxury goods are up.  What I find most fascinating about the Donkey is Bugaboo’s strategy for using the behemoth to stir interest in its other (smaller and more affordable by comparison) products.  “Luxury consultant Pam Danziger thinks the Donkey will ultimately prove more successful at buttressing Bugaboo’s other lower-priced products, its hefty price tag serving to make items such the Bugaboo black Cameleon (only $1,000!) seem almost reasonable,” Olen writes.

Olen, a personal finance writer, makes an astute observation when she says, “Pre-Bugaboo, you would have been hard pressed to spend more than $400 on a stroller.  Post-Bugaboo, $500 would come to be seen as a bargain.”  After having raised an infant in New York City and subsequently stacking my tiny apartment with gear in a higher price range than I could actually afford, I have come to believe that splurging on baby gear is a recession don’t.  It’s really a bull market don’t as well, since most of us could use to put that extra thousand bucks we might spend on say, a Bugaboo Donkey, into the twins’ college fund.

So, how much are you willing to spend on a stroller?  Did you buy luxury wheels a few years ago and are kicking yourself now?

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