Would You Let Your Kid Do Cage Fighting? Some Parents Would!


Would You Let Your Kid Do Cage Fighting?

There are many physical activities that you can get your child engaged in. Golf, karate, softball or maybe even a little polo.  But cage fighting? That’s not high on the list for many school-age children. But in Preston, Great Britain, there is a disturbing new trend of  boys as young as eight-years-old unleashing violence upon each other in organized cage matches. And officials aren’t too pleased…

The British Medical Association said that, “this example of cage-fighting among young children in Preston is particularly disturbing, especially as they are not even wearing head guards.” They added that, “boxing and cage-fighting are sometimes defended on the grounds that children learn to work through their aggression with discipline and control,” but they believe that,  “there are many other sports, such as athletics, swimming, judo and football, which require discipline but do not pose the same threat of brain injury.”

It’s not just the brutality of the sport but also the danger. But what do the kids think?  The club where the fights took place said, “The children loved it, the kids who were involved in the fight on the night absolutely loved it.” And apparently it’s legal. They added, “we work very closely with Preston police and the licensing department and they were happy for us to go ahead with this.” Defending the sport she stated that, “it’s just people who know nothing about the sport who want to contribute.”

Chris Cloke, who is the head of child protection awareness at a government agency stated in no uncertain terms, “We would strongly discourage parents from letting their children take part in this kind of fighting. It’s quite disturbing that some of those involved in the bouts were as young as eight, an age when they are still developing, physically and mentally.” Cloke added that, “The organizers of these activities should think very carefully before allowing children to be involved when they are egged on to inflict violence.”

Do you think children should be barred from such seemingly barbaric pastimes?

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