Would You Pay Extra for a "Certified Nanny Manager"?


mary-poppinsA babysitter or a regular ol’ nanny just won’t do anymore–not if you have nearly $4,000 burning a hole in your pocket and you’re looking for a nanny from 19th Century provincial England.

The Absolute Best Care Learning Center has just opened in New York to serve “students serious about ‘nannying’ as a profession who want the top jobs that can pay more than $60K a year.” For nannies who are already employed, the school hopes that families will shell out $3,500 to send their childcare providers to the seven-day course.

Here’s my favorite bit of indispensable training nanny managers will receive, taken from the school’s press release: “When dad had a bad day at work, learn to make his ‘comfort food’ – his mom’s mashed potatoes- and call his mom to get the recipe.” If Mom had a bad day at work, confine her to bland food and bed rest, which has been curing ladies of hysteria for centuries.

“Nanny managers” will also learn to ask those tough questions about your family’s habits, such as, “Is texting allowed? Are pop-tarts an ok snack?” I worked as a nanny for years, and somehow never thought to ask the parents whether it was all right that I fed the kids four pop-tarts a day. If only I’d been certified, that family could have saved a bundle in dental costs!

Then again, you could keep the 3.5 k and just talk to your nanny about your family’s needs.


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