Would You Walk the Runway Knocked Up and in a Bikini?

Knocked Up & Rocking the Runway

Would you walk a runway in front of oodles of strangers with a line of photographers taking your photo? Now add in the fact that you’d be wearing a bikini and about six months pregnant. Personally, I would not be that brave. But Italian model Raffaella Fico? She went there.

The 24-year-old walked the runway during Milan Fashion Week for Pin Up Stars wearing tiny bikinis, high heels and her perfectly curvy baby bump. It was a bold move, especially when you consider that she is in a public spat with her alleged baby daddy, football player Mario Balotelli, over the paternity of the baby in Fico’s belly.

Bikini modeling generally has been a field for the flat-stomached, so it’s pretty cool that a different body type is being represented.

You can check out photos of Rico rockin’ her baby bump on the runway at Huffington Post right here.

Would you even walk the runway knocked up and in a bikini?

Photo Source: iStockPhoto

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