Wow! Couple Welcome Their 100th Grandchild!

100 Grandchildren!

Christmas must get really expensive in the Viktor and Aneta Urich household.  This couple from Grande Prairie, Canada just welcomed their 100th grandchild!  Yes, you did just read “100th grandchild.”  How does this math shake out? Especially since the couple are just in their early 60s…

Well, according to the Huffington Post Viktor and Aneta  had themselves a whole lotta kids. Sixteen in total.  And those sixteen kids? Well they — in turn —  had a bunch of kids with an average of about six kids each.  The newest addition is Henry Urich who was born to Viktor and Aneta’s fifth son Heinrich.

But surprisingly, the Urich’s don’t hold the record for most grandkids. Bai Ulan of the Philippines has 107 grandchildren and 138 great-grandchildren. Now that is one big family!

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