Wowza! Mom of 12 Gives Birth to Set of Quintuplets

Mom of 12 Gives Birth to Quintuplets.

If you have twelve children at home odds are you would not be considering adding to your family. But then are those unique and more motherhood-prone individuals who, apparently, do not have much of a limit to the fruitfulness of their womb. They live by a different mantra, not “less is more” but rather “the more the merrier”‘ According to The Age, a Melbourne, Australia, woman is just that sort. In addition to the twelve children she has already brought into the world, the fertile lady just gave birth to a set of quintuplets.

And while you may think this could be some kind of Octomom 2.0, a woman who pushed the boundaries of fertility treatments, this is reportedly not the case. This woman supposedly got pregnant naturally with her quintuplets. Doctors say the odds of a naturally conceived set of quintuplets is about one in 55 million.

The 48-year-old mother gave birth to three girls and two boys, but unfortunately one of the girls did not survive. The babies were delivered by a team of 30 via Caesarean section. The family has opted, at this point, to stay anonymous.

Photo Source: iStockphoto