Wowza! Woman Gives Birth to 13lb Baby ... NATURALLY!

Now This is a Big Baby!

Many a woman will wax all sorts of woes about delivering a baby naturally. But they got nothing on this Iowa mom. First, it should be noted that the average baby weighs in at six to eight pounds. But Kendall Stewardson of St Charles, Iowa delivered — without the aid of drugs or resorting to a C-section — a 13 lb, 12 oz baby boy named Asher. And this wasn’t her first big baby; her first child weighed 12 lbs. at birth.

The family was surprised by his big size …The ultrasound didn’t top them off that he would be bigger than their first and after just six hours of labor, the mother figured he wouldn’t be that large. But once they put him on the scale, his girth was confirmed.

The family is pretty ecstatic. “Just to have two that had absolutely no issues, we’re definitely very blessed that way,” Dad Mr Stewardson told WHO-TV.  The baby did make a new record for the hospital — Mercy Medical Hospital — as the largest birth on record there. But it didn’t make a record for the state, which stands at a whopping 14 lbs, 13 oz.

If you were committed to having a baby naturally, would you stand by your resolve or cave in to the drugs if you knew he/she  was to be that big?

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