Writer's Maintenance – How To Keep Your Craft Well Oiled


What would it look like if writers/bloggers kept a maintenance schedule like we do for our cars? What things can we do to keep our craft growing, at its best and in peak condition? You know you are a writer, don’t you? This is your muscle, your skill, your craft. Like any athlete or artisan, you need to work on your skills!

Here are my ideas for keeping your writing craft well-oiled:

Once a week: Are you stuck on a project or post? Skip to the next part of whatever you’re working on, no matter how you feel. Go back to the stalling point later.

Once a month: Write all day without talking to anybody. Of course this is SO hard for moms, so maybe just a whole morning? A whole evening? Go somewhere and make this happen. Perhaps it will be a creative writing time for you, perhaps writing several posts ahead, whatever your needs are. Once a month, take the time!

Every three months: Send something out for consideration at a magazine (online or print) or to a site you really admire and want to be published on.

Every six months: Clean your desktop workspace: pitch obsolete files, get rid of all those blog drafts, old e-mail.  Clean up your office/home workspace too. Clear away the cobwebs, and you’ll be able to think more clearly.

Once a year: Take a chunk of time, whatever you can afford — three full days, minimum — and go someplace where your writing will not be disturbed except for eating and sleeping.  Now listen, I know this one sounds crazy. But what if you could really make it happen? Just a weekend alone. Once a year. I know many, MANY of the greatest writers recommend this. I’m hoping to add this to my upcoming year!


What would you add to the blogger’s maintenance schedule?

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