Wrong Adult Takes Sick Kid Home From School


CB101886A school district misidentified a sick kid and called somebody else’s grandfather to pick the first grader up from school. So why is the school district being treated like the number one bonehead here?

The “grandfather” actually TOOK the wrong child with him. He returned five minutes later when he realized – hey, that’s not my cute little granddaughter.

And they let this guy drive? My grandfather might call me Lovey so he doesn’t have to try to remember which of his five female grandchildren I am (or the ten male ones for that matter), but he recognizes me in a heartbeat. At eighty-nine, he’s not claiming other people’s kids as part of his already sizeable (seven kids, sixteen grandkids, seven greats) brood.

OK, so the school blew it too. They misidentified the kid, called the wrong guardian (this grandfather is a guardian? yikes), then let the kid leave with said stranger. All ended well when the guy realized the mistake and took the kid back.

They say they’re going to start asking the kids “do you know this person” before letting them leave. How about asking the kid their name so they call the right adult to begin with?

And is someone checking in with guardian gramps to make sure he knows what year it is?


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