Yahoo's Top Searched Questions of 2011: We've Got Your Answers

how to kiss
Need a tutorial on how to kiss? We've got you covered.

Kids ask questions. So many questions that sometimes you want to run away screaming.

Yahoo! gets a lot of questions, too. I wonder if they ever want to run away screaming?  Today, they announced their list of the top searched questions on Yahoo! in 2011. We thought in this giving time of year we’d help you with the answers. Now you’ll know what to tell your kids if they ask …

1. How to tie a tie

I don’t even know how to sew, so explaining how to tie a necktie would be asking a lot from me. I suppose I better brush up, since it probably won’t be long until my son needs to wear a tie and asks me for help.  Here’s how to do everything from a Windsor to a Four in Hand, from

2. How to kiss

I love this detailed explanation, with videos, from  They even tell you how to know if someone is ready for a kiss, with such signs as the person’s eyes becoming soft and heavy.  It’s very tame, so even your older kids could watch the sweet little video.

3. How to lose weight

Did I promise we’d give you the answers to all your questions?  This one is not so cut and dry.  A search of this question will deliver you page after page of weight loss books, supplements, exercise routines, special cookies and shakes, all 100% guaranteed!  I’m going to venture a guess and say we all already know the answer to this one: eat better and exercise more.

4. How to get a passport

If you don’t have one, get one.  Maybe it will make you more likely to leave the country and visit some of the other wonderful places this planet has to offer.  The US State Department offers step-by-step instructions.  And if you’re getting one for a child, know that both parents have to be present when you submit the form at a passport agency or post office.

5. What time is it?

I don’t even wear my watch most of the time anymore because my smart phone tells me what time it is.  Or the microwave.  Anyway, if you really need to know and have no smartphone or microwave, visit

6. How to make money

Excellent question, especially in these difficult times.  The top search results are a bit questionable, though.  One of my faves? Unusual Ways To Make Money suggests searching for diamonds in parking lots (I’m not making this up) or selling your used stuffed animals.

7. What is love?

These are the worst.  When the kids ask me the big ones I feel like I never know what to say. “You’ll know it when you find it” doesn’t seem to cut it with them.  I looked at the search results and I’d have to say the best was the definition on Wikipedia.  They describe different types of love, as well as the perspective of various cultures and religions.

8. What does SMH mean?

Excellent question.  I had no idea, either.  Turns out SMH is a text abbreviation for “shaking my head.”  If you’re trying to find out what your kid is saying in her text messages to friends, visit  Oh, and if your teen texts GANB, you might have a problem.

9. How many ounces in a pound?

Sixteen ounces.  I think I kind of already knew this.  If your kids need help with the math homework, or you find yourself needing to convert a long tone force foot into a gram force centimeter, try

10. What does my name mean?

The site gives you random fun facts along with what your name means.  They say Katherine means pure, and that the highest recorded use of the name “Katherine” was in 1990 with a total of 11,630 babies.  Good to know.


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