Yes, Social Media Helps SEO. Really.


header-ranking-factors-en-2013A fascinating new study from the folks at Searchmetrics has found that yes, in fact, social media helps SEO. While for years the focus on SEO has been on building backlinks, it turns out that social signals also play a significant role in search engine results.

You can download the full study here, but in the social signals section of the survey they make some bold statements, including the following.

Websites that rank in the top positions on Google usually have a large number of social signals. In other words: well-ranked URLs have many shares, likes, comments, plus ones and tweets.

In fact, you’ll notice that the study confirms that shares on Google+ and plus ones are now one of the most important contributors to rankings, exceeding Facebook  and more astonishingly, beating backlinks.


If you don’t want to plow through the entire white paper, Searchmetrics has kindly outlined their data in the below infographic. Fascinating stuff!


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