Yes, This Exists. Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical (Video)


breaking badDid you ever see Wes Anderson’s Rushmore? There are some hilarious scenes where the protagonist of the film – played by Jason Schwartzman – directs school plays based on oh-so-not age appropriate content (like his version of Serpico). Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical totally reminds me of that, in a good way.

YouTube auteurs RhettandLink created, “a musical recap of Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5 with a prediction on how the series will end.” But the big twist for this Breaking Bad tribute is that all the characters are played by middle school-aged kids, from a knocked up Skyler to a singing Walter White. The age of the participants is really what makes it, but in watching it, I don’t think I would want my own child singing about “blue rock candy” at any age. But the parents of these kids didn’t seem to mind, and the results are pretty awesome and an instant hit. The YouTube clip already has over a million views in just two days.

Check out the hilarious Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical below:

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Photo Source: You Tube/RhettandLink