You Can Choose the Cheerios Box Book


cheeriosForget the Wheaties box. The cool place to be if you’re a book author is inside a box of Cheerios.

And Simon and Schuster and General Mills want parents to help pick their next book in the Spoonfuls of Stories program.

According to First Book, a U.S. non-profit, as many as eighty percent of low-income homes do not have age-appropriate books for the kids living there. But Spoonfuls of Stories works to correct that, and to give kids who do have books a few more good reads.

The 13-book list includes some books that have yet to hit shelves – making them hard to vote on. But there are some old goodies on there too, including one of Karma Wilson’s popular bear books and several released earlier this year.

We can’t help a vote for Robert Burleigh’s Clang! Clang! and Laurie Halse Anderson’s Hair of Zoe. Which books won your vote?

Image: Amazon

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