You Can Now Embed Vine Videos!


vinelogoSince it’s recent launch, Vine has been a hit with some folks. I know I’ve really enjoyed making the six second looping GIFs, and my daughter has had a blast making them with me, doing lots of little animated tricks and stuff. Plus it’s nice to use it when you don’t really want to go the whole video route, but still grab a brief video snapshot of a moment. Vine has been great for that.

It’s been easy to upload Vine to Twitter (possible to load to Facebook but not quite as successful), but until now you couldn’t embed Vine clips in blog posts.

Again, until NOW.

Now if you scroll down to the bottom of a Vine video on the web, you’ll see two options to embed it; one version offers just a simple embed, but the second bit of code (it’s not separated, so you have to figure that out on your own) includes a frame with your Vine name and a caption/title.

I’d show you, but Babble doesn’t allow me to embed Vines yet alas!

Vine announced the change in a blog post saying:

“When we launched Vine, we described posts as “little windows into the people, settings, ideas and objects that make up your life”. With today’s update, you can display them almost anywhere.”

As functionality continues to improve, Vine is turning into quite the fun little social network!

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