You Can Now Track When Your Pinterest Items Are On SALE


It’s easy to let Pinterest become the place where we pine (pun fully intended; pine/pin? Get it?) over stuff we think we can never afford, or stuff that we just aren’t willing to make a priority… I know my pin boards often become a place for wishes and dreams rather than actually purchasing prospects.

But what if there were a way to find out every time and item that you loved and pinned was on sale? Wouldn’t that put you in your happy place?

Well, guess what: you can, thanks to a new startup called Lyst.

Here’s what Lyst’s about page states: is a social shopping site that helps you discover the best fashion for you. Follow your favorite designers, boutiques, bloggers and stylists to get their latest updates in your stylefeed, so you can stay on trend and never miss a sale.

Yes, that means Lyst looks a bit like Pinterest itself, but according to Mashable if you connect Lyst to your Pinterest account, you’ll get notified whenever items you’ve been go on sale — and not just from the product home company, but also from retailers that carry the brand.

Lyst primarily features clothing and accessories, so if you’re a furniture pinner, it’s not likely to help you much (at this point, anyway!). But Lyst has a couple of nice features, like a price slider so you can look at objects in your price range, and I have to say I was surprised at the number of fun things listed under $100 they had. I will definitely be pinning some stuff from Lyst later tonight!

Check it out! Lyst is pretty fun, particularly for you fashion junkies.

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