You Can't Make This Sh*t Up: Sh*t My Pets Ruined (PHOTOS)

Maybe someone is trying to tell you something about your taste in jeans

Pets. You can’t live with ‘em. Particularly when they pull this kind of sh*t.

From the geniuses behind Sh*t My Kids Ruined comes Sh*t My Pets Ruined, a site full of domestic animal fails, or stuff that certain creatures have rendered “filthy, distasteful, gross or painful.”

Think your pet has wreaked havoc on your stuff? Then you haven’t seen these photos. (Although if you really think your sh*t has been ruined by your pet, you can always share it with the masses, too, by going here.)

Sure, take a look and laugh (after the jump), but also be sure to send kind thoughts to the families of the pets who are now minus their sh*t, thanks to said pets.


  • Polly want a letter 1 of 25
    Polly want a letter
    This letter, in fact.
  • Is there a breeze in here? 2 of 25
    Is there a breeze in here?
    That's one way to wear 'em.
  • Glasses? I don’t see any glasses 3 of 25
    Glasses? I don't see any glasses
    Who needs to see, anyway?
  • Van Dogh 4 of 25
    Van Dogh
    An artist is born.
  • Christmas Tree, O Sh*tmas Tree 5 of 25
    Christmas Tree, O Sh*tmas Tree
    Think Christmas has strayed too far its original meaning? This dog seems to agree.
  • Door? What door? 6 of 25
    Door? What door?
    Where we're going, we don't need doors.
  • Dog vs. chicken 7 of 25
    Dog vs. chicken
    Good luck, chicken.
  • Photo bomb 8 of 25
    Photo bomb
    Or some kind of bomb, anyway.
  • Photo Bomb 2 9 of 25
    Photo Bomb 2
  • What? 10 of 25
    Why is everyone looking at me?
  • Time for the talk 11 of 25
    Time for the talk
    Either that or it's time to dog-proof the medicine cabinet.
  • Or not 12 of 25
    Or not
    It is a truth universally acknowledged that not everyone is going to be an Eddie Money fan.
  • Sorry, Abe 13 of 25
    Sorry, Abe
    What can I say? I'm more of an Alexander Hamilton kind of dog.
  • It gets hot in here 14 of 25
    It gets hot in here
    Some people complain. Others just do.
    It's all about the ventilation, people. Sheesh.
  • Sh*t, indeed 15 of 25
    Sh*t, indeed
    What? Why is everyone looking at me?
  • Have you heard of email? 16 of 25
    Have you heard of email?
    That will teach the mailman to come to my house.
  • Some whine with that beer? 17 of 25
    Some whine with that beer?
    Hello? I said I wanted light beer.
  • Feather fodder 18 of 25
    Feather fodder
    If you don't want it shredded, don't leave me in your room.
  • Behind door No. 1 19 of 25
    Behind door No. 1
    Who needs two doors anyway?
  • Quit watching TV . . . 20 of 25
    Quit watching TV . . .
    . . . and pay attention to me!
  • I’ll say it again . . . 21 of 25
    I'll say it again . . .
    . . . Quit watching TV and pay attention to me!
  • Argh 22 of 25
    There's a reason it's called a welcome mat, Sherlock.
  • Bummer . . . 23 of 25
    Bummer . . .
    . . . I was hoping for some lasagna.
  • You feel bad, I feel bad 24 of 25
    You feel bad, I feel bad
    Let's call the whole thing off.
  • Stuffing, schmuffing 25 of 25
    Stuffing, schmuffing
    One of us will get our money's worth out of this stuff. I'm just sayin'.

All images courtesy of Sh*t My Pets Ruined

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