I Don't Care If You Hate It: If You Blog, You Need To Be On Google+


I know. You can’t deal with another social network. Who has time? It’s mostly men adding hot chicks to circles, right? And why does everyone on Google+ talk incessantly about how it’s not Facebook? What’s the point?

Here’s the point: Google is granting Google+ priority in social search.

Take a minute and think that through: Google is making things that are discussed and published on Google+ pop to the top of search results. Yes, really. That’s why you need to be there.

This Mashable article explains it:

Google+ results will be blended in with the traditional “authoritative results,” but clearly annotated. Type in a topic of interest, like “Rome,” and along with maps, travel info, historical references, you’ll find a post your friend wrote in Google+ about a recent trip to Rome. That post, though, will only appear if it’s been shared with you or if the post is public. Likewise, an image search will seamlessly blend the anonymous web with your web images and those of anyone you’re connected to — as long as they’ve shared them with you. Each image will be labeled as from “you” or with the name of your connection.

I noticed about a month ago that when I promoted a post on Google+, I received a Google Alert ping within the HOUR. Yes, the HOUR. But the normal Google alert ping I get from my blog itself? Takes at least half a day. There is no doubt that things published on Google+ are fast tracked to getting Google’s attention.

Of course this doesn’t mean that you should all rush over and start spamming Google+ with links to your stuff. Like with any other social network, that is a fast way to get people removing you from their circles (if you’re wondering how to get started in Google+, we have lots of articles here at MomCrunch about it). Google+ is just like any other social site; you have to engage, and as I just recently said about Pinterest, the key to enjoying it is in careful curation of your circles. I think it’s much like Twitter in that you don’t follow everyone back automatically, just follow the folks you are interested in getting to know and learn from.

Lastly, if you are a blogger that is hoping to work with brands, GET THEE ON GOOGLE+. Brands have begun asking bloggers for their Google+ numbers, and why the hell not? With the way Google+ is impacting search results, brands would be crazy to not leverage it as a tool to drive traffic. You don’t want to be that blogger that doesn’t have a Google+ presence. I promise. Go! Join! If you have a profile, start to use it!

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