Young "Chronicles of Narnia" Producer Found Dead


I am a bit of an outlier in that the Chronicles of Narnia series of children’s books has never been a top favorite of mine. That’s why I was so happily surprised when I  ended up really enjoying the movie versions of the books. I agree with the critics who have said that the Narnia movies have been among the best family films in recent memory.

So I was especially sad to read this morning that Perry Moore, the young (age 39) producer behind the wildly successful Narnia film franchise was found dead in his NYC apartment yesterday, apparently the victim of an oxycontin overdose.  Making the tragic death even worse, Moore was found by his partner, Hunter Hill.

If it is determined that it was, in fact, a prescription pill overdose that killed Perry Moore, he will join the tragic ranks of the tens of thousands of Americans who now die each year as a result of pill overdoses, a number that also includes my own teenage son, Henry who died last May 31 as the result of a brain injury caused by drug overdose. Prescription pill overdoses now kill more Americans than guns or alcohol, and in a growing number of states, overdoses top even auto accidents as the leading cause of death. By any measure, America is in the grip of an escalating public health emergency related to prescription pill overdoses.

To Perry Moore’s family, however, his death is much more personal, even if it is part of a national epidemic. As Moore’s father said this morning, “Parents are not meant to bury their children.”



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