Your Baby's Stroller is No Place For Your Loaded Gun

Jonathan Bijoel and Cassandra Gagnon

If you are an owner of a firearm, there are certain places where you should store your weapon, like a gun safe, a locked box or in some sort of secret compartment out of reach of your children. One place you should not, and I repeat, not keep a firearm? In your baby’s stroller. But that is reportedly where Jonathan Bijoel and Cassandra Gagnon stowed their loaded 9mm handgun.

The police confronted the couple after the report of an assault in Manchester, New Hampshire.  They were reportedly walking with their one-year-old daughter in her baby carriage. Then, “Gagnon took control of the carriage and attempted to walk away but the trio was ultimately detained without incident,” Manchester police Lt. Maureen Tessier told CBS Boston. The police then discovered the loaded gun underneath the seat of the stroller. Gagnon and Bijoel were both arrested are being held for violating bail.

Guns and strollers, they do not mix. Hopefully this couple will learn that very valuable lesson.

Image: Manchester Police via CBS

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