Your Brand: What Are You Really Selling?


Emotions are the way in which our brain encodes things of value. A brand that engages us emotionally will win every single time. ~Martin Lindstrom

Martin Lindstrom is a neuromarketer and author of the book, Buy•ology. This particular thought was a “light bulb moment” for Suzanne and I as we went through the process of fine tuning our own My Mommy Manual brand.

We realized that although we were offering value in terms of useful information and advice, what people were “buying” from us, the reason they were coming back to our site and to our events was not just for that. In actuality, it was US! The “it” was much more emotion-driven.

We ourselves needed to get clear on what emotions where at play — what were we really offering our community? It was no easy task to pin down those intangibles but the result was our mantra “You are not alone!” And it changed everything.

I offer this example as my contribution to the ongoing branding discussion on MomCrunch. Cecily made some really great points delineating between a personality and a brand. I agree with her that a brand requires something beyond your own thoughts. But I do think that when a mom blogger moves into the space of also being a brand, that her personality, sensibility, and values are her “points of differentiation” — the very things that set her apart in a crowded industry.

From my own experience, it is worth the discomfort of soul-searching to determine your ethos and thus the ethos of your blog. It is worth the investment of working with a professional designer to translate that ethos into a visual language and ensure that every contact that visitors have with your site, your Twitter page, your Facebook page, etc. reinforces the emotions that drew them to you in the first place.

Just like a latte from Starbucks is not just any latte, a blogger’s emotional connection with her community is what makes her powerful force in the world and of value to corporate partners.

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