Your Daily Giggle: A 12-Year-Old's Hilarious Texts From Babysitter CPR Class

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A 7-hour class leaves plenty of time for deep thoughts

Jamie Pearson, publisher of the Travel Savvy Mom blog, has a 12-year-old daughter who does enough babysitting that taking a seven-hour-long babysitting CPR class seemed to be in order. It just didn’t seem to be very fun. Especially the seven-hour-part, which her daughter didn’t seem to realize when she signed up for it. She also thought she’d be going to the class with a friend, but the friend ended up bailing at the last minute.

To pass the time during her breaks, Jamie’s daughter sent some texts.

It appears as if her daughter was hilariously not thrilled with the wisdom being imparted to her over the course of seven hours. Did I mention it was a seven-hour-long class?

Take a look at her texts:

  • Remember: You Paid Money To Do This (Or Someone Did, Anyway) 1 of 5
    Remember: You Paid Money To Do This (Or Someone Did, Anyway)
    It can be hard to get past the babies. You know, the creepy, corpse-like babies you're supposed to pretend to try and save.
  • Sucks AND Sux? 2 of 5
    Sucks AND Sux?
    It really must suuuuuuuck.
  • Don’t Push Me ‘Cause I’m Close to the Edge 3 of 5
    Don't Push Me 'Cause I'm Close to the Edge
    If Mom's paying $85 for the class, you'd better save her if she chokes. At least until you pay her back.
  • Those Babies Aren’t Creepy At All 4 of 5
    Those Babies Aren't Creepy At All
    Nope. Nothing to look at here, folks.
  • The Stuff of Nightmares 5 of 5
    The Stuff of Nightmares
    Sleep with one eye open.

All images used with permission from Jamie Pearson, Travel Savvy Mom

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