Your Daily Inspiration: 4-Year-Old Gavin, Who is Blind, Successfully Navigates a Curb (VIDEO)

4 yr old Gavin using his white cane to navigate down a curb independently
It’s can be challenging enough to be blind. Try being a blind preschooler.

Four months after Gavin Stevens was born in the fall of 2008, his parent’s received confirmation of what they called their “ever-growing worry:” he was completely blind.

He suffers from Leber’s Congential Amaurosis (LCA), which is a rare retina disease that causes blindness and is said to affect 3,000 people in the United States. Gavin’s family is documenting his journey while also fighting for a cure.

They recently released a video (which we saw first on BuzzFeed) that shows Gavin independently navigating a curb for the first time.

Think about the small victories in your small child’s life, and then take a moment to let Gavin’s not-so-small accomplishment sink in as you watch his major awesomeness:


For more information on LCA and to help Gavin:

Video credit: YouTube

Photo credit: iStockphoto

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