Your Morning Cry: A Soldier's Surprise Reunion with His Family at a Baseball Game (Video)


I’m not a big baseball fan. To me, that sport is only marginally more exciting than golf which is only a half step above watching paint dry.

That being said, I would have loved to have been at a recent Seattle Mariners game because one thing that I do enjoy is watching a soldier reunite with his family after months spent overseas. If I’m ever in need of a good ugly cry all I have to do is perform a quick search on YouTube  and bam! I’m keeping Kleenex in business.

Kyle Smerer, 13, got a big surprise when he ran out on the Mariners field to retrieve a base as part of a contest he was told he was chosen to participate in. Once he reached the middle of the field he was grabbed by an umpire who turned out to be his father, Steven Smerer, a soldier in the Army who had just returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Kudos to the Seattle Mariners for helping this father pull off this heart-warming surprise. Turns out sometimes there is crying in baseball.

Check out the video here: 


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