Your Morning Laugh: Father Raps About His 'Daddy Skills' (Video)


Need a little pick me up to get you over that mid-week malaise? Allow me to suggest this highly entertaining video starring father Sam Dorman, aka Sam Deezy, and his non-dad friend, DJDave.

In the 4 minute clip,  Sam D let’s DJDave know exactly what his new gig as the dad to a toddler entails. Early morning wake-up calls, picky eaters, park etiquette — Dorman covers all the parenting bases. He even let’s DJDave in on the perils of diaper changing.

“I’m on point real quick when the diaper sags. I got the whole changing unit in the diaper bag and when the odor’s getting riper, in two minutes flat I can change that diaper.”

Check it out for a chuckle:



Via Huffington Post

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