You're Eating More Than You Think


Diets don’t work, conventional wisdom says. Statistics seem to back that up: 92 percent of people who diet do not lose weight, and 18 percent actually wind up heavier.

Maybe the reason is that dieters are eating more than they believe. A wide-ranging British study turns up a lot of unpleasant details about what people do when they diet.

Among the details:

  • only a third of people increase their exercise when they start a new diet
  • less than a quarter check the nutrition information on food labels
  • barely one in ten weigh out food portions or use other measures to control portion size

The study was commissioned by a company that sells diet products, but it’s hard to see how these results help their cause. They seem to point towards the advice no one likes to hear: if you want to lose weight, no fad diet is going to beat regular exercise and simple healthy eating. There’s no magic bullet.

Photo: BensonKua