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You’re Wasting Money, Moms: Organic Is Not More Nutritious, Says AAP

By Danielle Sullivan |

You’re Wasting Money, Moms: Organic Is Not Better, Says AAP via Babble

Buying organic is unnecessary, says AAP in new report.

I rarely buy meat since most of my family doesn’t eat it, but when I do, I buy organic. I justify the added expense with the fact that I don’t buy it often. I have long thought that the hormones and antibiotics found in today’s meat are repulsive. Some say that’s what is causing early puberty to skyrocket but to me, it’s just gross and not necessary. I’ll be honest, eating meat of any kind grosses me out, but I still feel that when I buy organic meat and veggies, I am consciously choosing to ensure that what my family eats is the healthiest version I can find in the store, which will lead to better health and well being for my kids.

Not so, says the American Academy of Pediatrics.

In a new report, the AAP says there is no binding, long-term evidence to suggest that eating organic food will give a person better health. They maintain that much broader studies must be done before they can cite any significant upside to eating organic.

In a Fox News article, Dr. Janet Silverstein, a pediatric endocrinologist at the University of Florida in Gainesville, and co-author of the report explains the Academy’s position:

“Theoretically there could be negative effects, especially in young children with growing brains, but rigorous scientific evidence is lacking. We just can’t say for certain that organics is better without long-term controlled studies.”

I’m not quite sure how effective the study is when its conclusion merely maintains that more studies need to be done. With everything, parents have to make their own decisions and not rely on others (even the esteemed AAP) to tell them what to do. I’ll still buy organic because I can’t see any benefit coming from letting my children ingest hormones and pesticides if they don’t have to. If it costs slightly more, that’s a price I’m willing to pay.

While the AAP admits that pesticides do indeed exist in fruit and vegetables, particularly those that heavily hold onto the chemicals, such as apples, peaches, strawberries and celery, they maintain that the amount of pesticides present fall within the normal range of what is determined to be safe. As an alternative, they also suggest that parents buy fruits and vegetables that are naturally low in pesticides, like eggplant and avocado.

Do you buy organic? Will this study change the way you shop? Does an endorsement by the AAP change your opinion on anything?

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14 thoughts on “You’re Wasting Money, Moms: Organic Is Not More Nutritious, Says AAP

  1. samsmom says:

    Info from a Fox News article! Surprise! Surprise!

  2. Rosana says:

    This study does not make any sense to me. Organic farmers have never bragged about any additional nutrition in their products, so why perform a study on that???? If you read what determines a product to be organic, you can figure out that it has nothing to do with added nutrition but a lot to do with added pesticides and hormones. I will not be surprised to see a study scrutinizing calorie content on organic food vs. regular food, ugh!!!

  3. CKron says:

    I agree with Rosana – these studies make my eyes roll. [Most] Anyone who buys organic doesn’t do it for nutritional standards – it’s about how the food is grown. *grr*

  4. Linda, T.O.O. says:

    I actually thinking buying organic is “about” having more expendable income. There is no way on earth my family would eat as many varieties of fruits and vegetables if I was attempting to buy overpriced organics. I think it’s a scam.

  5. CW says:

    The more telling question would be for the AAP to ask its own members if they feed their children organic foods. I know our pediatrician does.

  6. Angela says:

    I buy organic because I don’t like the idea of my kid eating pesticides and other chemicals. Period. If I had to choose between a conventional fruit or veggie or NO fruit or veggie then my kid would eat the conventional fruit or veggie because fruits and veggies are good for them of course. If I have the option to get it organic I will go that route.

  7. Ashley Underwoos says:

    Taking information from Fox News? Really?!?

  8. Francesca says:

    I agree with Angela.

  9. Karen says:

    Ingesting pesticides and chemicals unnecessarily is ridiculous. It’s all about ingesting harmful things, not improving nutrition. What an unintelligent statement by the AAP. If people want to believe organics is a scam, then they can keep living under their rock. We belong to a CSA so we have a great selection of organic fruit and vegetables. Plus, there are plenty of farmer’s markets if your local grocer doesn’t have what you want.

    I don’t think it’s luck that our family is rarely sick, we are what we eat.

  10. Dawn says:

    These studies are funded by the food manufacturers themselves, and I find it disturbing that the AAP is supporting such misinformation.

    Our children are exposed to more toxic substances than ever before in history. How can we possibly know how it will all will affect them? They argue that there are small amounts of pesticides, but if you eat them every single day, multiple times per day, isn’t it reasonable to predict that they will build up over time and cause harm? Did you know that pesticides came to be after WWII, when there was excess nerve gas that they didn’t know what to do with? Need I say more?

    It’s time to go back to using the precautionary principle, like they do in Europe, instead of assuming everything is ok until 20 years later when people get sick.

    If you live in California, PLEASE support Proposition 37, in favor of labeling genetically modified organisms. Americans deserve to know what they’re eating, and to be able to choose not to eat food that’s been tweaked. We cannot allow the food industry to prevent us from making informed choices.

  11. Amy says:

    These are the same people who just came out and reccommended circumscion for healthy newborns based on a handful of studies from Africa. The statement repeatedly stated that there should be insurance coverage for te procedure and reversed the previous statement made in the 90′s saying the procedure should not be routine. It seems to me that the AAP has become more concerned with pandering to big corporations and insurance companies and lining their pockets than protecting the our children. I have follows pretty much every AAP guideline in my 17 months as a parent, but these last 2 statements have have really shaken my trust in the organization. The only thing this report will change for me is how much I weigh the option of the AAP in the health decisions I make for my children.

  12. Yanira Garza says:

    This article was a bit pointless and the “report” has tea bag all over it. I buy free range because I am not inhumane. I buy some (not all) organic because I love the taste. Also, sometimes the milk, eggs and chicken are cheaper at Trader Joe’s than at Jewel. I do know that I eat better when I eat organic since my body isn’t filled with poison. I want that for my child so sure, I may have to buy my shoes at payless or dye my hair at home than at a salon but whatever.

  13. Sai says:

    I don’t understand people fighting over the kind of food other people eat. I’m not a picky eater maybe to the fact that my family didn’t have food. If we were lucky we could eat twice in one day usually a tortilla with avocado in it. If we were not lucky we had broth. I didn’t live like that very long when I was 9 my mom move and worked 2 jobs to feed us. If you like and can afford organic food then good buy and eat them, but don’t bash people that don’t. If you don’t like or can’t afford organic food and eat the other kind that good for you but again don’t bast the people that don’t. Just be happy and healthy.

  14. Lika says:

    Even if this study came from a reputable source.. The simple fact that organic produce is grown without pesticides is good enough for me. Not to mention that by buying organic you can almost entirely avoid all GMOs. Yes, I will continue to by organic and try to provide the best for my child.

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