YouTube Adds Safety Mode for Parents


youtube-logoSurfing around YouTube with your kids in the room just got easier. The video sharing site has added a “safety mode” for parents who want to keep “objectionable content” off their screens.

With the automatic start to a video when you click on the URL, things can get hairy even for parents who don’t let their kids surf alone.

The next thing you know, you hear Christian Bale screaming the f-bomb, and you’re diving for the volume dial on your speakers. Not if you have it in safety mode.

The new system has to be turned on, so you can still watch what you want, but it can’t be turned off by anyone but you – because a password prompt pops up for anyone who tries to switch it off. But it is simple to switch off – provided you have that password – so your own viewing doesn’t really have to be affected when the kids aren’t around.

Check out how it works – appropriately via a YouTube video:

Will you be using safety mode?

Image: YouTube

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