YouTube Snowflakes! Plus Other Fun Hidden Surprises in Vids

youtube snowflakes, youtube snow
Check out this fun YouTube surprise: snow!

If you’ve enjoyed Google’s “Let It Snow” Easter Egg, which causes snow to fall across your computer screen over the Google search page, you’ll love YouTube’s snowflake button! A fun little surprise available on select YouTube videos, the snowflake icon on the control bar will cause snow to start falling over the video you’re watching, which just happened to hilarious effect in my friend Livia Scott’s Christmas Tree FAIL video, below:

Warning: not for kids. But hilarious for Mom and Dad. Click the snowflake icon around 3:30 and see what happens.


According to VentureBeat:

This isn’t the first time YouTube has changed some of the site’s user interface elements due to a special event, popular meme or trending topic. The site previously added a rainbow progress bar and tiny pop-tart kitty cursor to the original Nyan Cat video meme. Other amusing additions include the YouTube Vuvuzela button during the World Cup soccer tournament, an xkcd web comic inspired playback option for comments, as well as the Onion News Network parody of YouTube’s “Actually Good” tab.

Main photo via VentureBeat

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