Celebrating Down Syndrome Awareness Month: When a Nightmare Turns into a Dream


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October is Down syndrome Awareness month, and this is my celebration as the mother of Emir and Ayelén; two wonderful kids living and loving with Down syndrome.

Everybody dreams of growing up to turn into a successful person. Success may have a different meaning for each of us, but something most of us may agree on, is that having a child with special needs is not the dream of any of us, at least not when we learn of it.

After my child was born with DS, I have to be sincere and accept that I wanted to have a 2nd child for 2 reasons: 1st I wanted to secure my child’s future giving him a life partner who would be able to protect and unconditionally love him with the irreplaceable fraternal bonds of a brother or sister. 2nd I wanted to experience the typical experience of raising a child with a typical development. Then, when my daughter was born with DS too, my dream turned into a nightmare that I didn’t know how to escape from.

I always have loved my kids with all my heart, but I am just a human and besides my faith in love, I felt helpless, and mostly scared.

But the nightmare turned into the best dream ever and taught me that:

  • Attitude transform circumstances 1 of 6

    Attitude transform circumstances and the way you face challenges is what gives you the tools to turn any nightmare into the best dream of your life

  • Love is always the answer 2 of 6

    That even the phrase sounds repetitive and empty, Love is always the answer at the time of transforming our limitations into new opportunities.

  • Every life is precious and irreplaceable 3 of 6

    That life is precious, and the miracle of giving life is the most rewarding experience ever. All that you need is born along with your child

  • You will grow and evolve 4 of 6

    That as your baby grows, you will grow as well. Your initial perception will evolve and your fears may give the chance to surprise yourself finding gifts inside of you, that you never imagined.

  • Gratitude will inspire you 5 of 6

    Finding the answers for you and your family will inspire to share all that you need to help others, and in their gratitude feel inspired to keep going.

  • All that you need is born along with your child 6 of 6

    That life is precious, and the miracle of giving life is the most rewarding experience ever.

My dreams of youth were to find happiness, to find my path to use my talents. To find the opportunities to use my voice for changing the world for good. Since I remember, there has been always a leader inside me, eager to speak up, transform and inspire. I always asked God to show me the way to use His gifts to me.

Surprisingly I learned the best lesson of my life through the lives of my kids, I learned that in order to be joyful and find the mission of your life, you must believe, accept and relay in love. That’s the key for turning a nightmare into a dream. Sometimes you may need to cry to be able to learn to celebrate and smile from your heart.

Thanks to Latism for naming me Best Latino Health Blogger 2013. Ten years ago I was the new mother of a child with DS, and 3 years after I became the mother of 2 with the same condition. I didn’t know where to go or what to do with them, now I would never know how to keep going without them.

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