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42 "Kid Meets Santa" Photos Gone Wrong

Ah, Santa Claus: the glorious man in the big red suit who promises to fulfill all of our kids’ holiday wishes. Sure, they love the idea of him, chockfull of North Pole magic, elves, and reindeers that can fly. But bring them to the mall to actually meet the guy and all hell breaks loose. Annoying? You betcha. But it also makes for some hilarious photo ops. So grab some eggnog and prepare to laugh through tears as we place guesses as to what some of our readers’ kids are really thinking during their special [read: terrifying] moment with Santa.

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"She better get it together; she's jeopardizing our chances of getting Disney Infinity!"
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"Maybe if I smile sweetly, Santa won't care that my brother hates him ..."
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"Can't these two see there simply isn't enough room for all of us on this guy's lap?"
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"I don't know what I want for Christmas yet! Stop pressuring me!"
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"How much longer do we have to sit here ... I need a diaper change, what about you?"
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"I'm not going anywhere near that guy."
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"See Mom, even Santa doesn't want to take this Christmas card picture."
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"Are we about to be sucked into this black abyss?"
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"Yikes. These pigtails are giving me a killer headache."
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"Mom! Why is this bearded man staring at me?"
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"I won't even get to tell Santa what's on my list with this one's nonstop crying."
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"You want me to smile? You try smiling when it looks like the Grinch spit up on your legs."
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"Why is he so upset? Is it because his good side won't show in the picture? At least I look good."
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"Ah, at least I got my Christmas wish in before he started to scream."
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"That's not the real Rudolph. Impostor!"
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"Smiling with Santa will definitely pay off ... as long as he doesn't find out about the crayons I 'accidentally' flushed down the toilet ..."
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"No paparazzi parent photos, please. You'll have to go through my publicist."
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"I'll just slide right down the side of this chair and make my great escape. See ya, bro!"
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"I'm not so sure this guy is the real deal ..."
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"Since he's crying, I'll get ALL of the presents ... hehehe."
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"They said there would be cookies and milk!"
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"Forget the presents. Just get me off this guy's lap."
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"How many more years will we have to put up with these pictures? Mom only has like three Instagram followers."
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"I wanted to stand out this year, not match Santa!"
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"Get that microphone away from me! I refuse to sing Let It Go one more time."
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"What do you mean my Elf on the Shelf said I was naughty?"
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"I can't believe he's ruining our one chance to meet Santa Claus! Shh! Stop!"
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"Maybe if I ignore her she'll stop screaming and let me get a word in with the big guy."
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"Santa Claus ... he just gets me."
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"You promised you wouldn't make me sit here! You liar!"
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"Not so sure what the fuss is all about ..."
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"Santa told me to 'make myself at home,' so I am."
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"Remember the plan: on the count of three, we run in different directions and grab all of the candy canes. Ready? One ... two ..."
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"Does this mean I'm not going to get those Star Wars toys I asked for?"
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"Naughty or nice? Well, she's definitely not acting too nice ..."
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"If you want someone to sit on his lap, you'll have to sit there yourself!"
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"Quick Mom, take the pic! I can only keep my grip on her for so long."
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"Jeez. He really needs to sit up and smile or we'll never get that swing-set I've been hoping for."
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"Oh, Santa! How could I possibly choose just one thing to ask you for?"
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"I smiled for 0.2 seconds like I promised, now get me outta here."
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Photos courtesy of our readers


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